Zero-waste business travel

TL;DR (for non-millenials: “Summary”): When you’re traveling for business, bring these 5 things with you, and you’ll be able to nearly eliminate your day-to-day business trip waste: Stainless-steel water bottle Coffee thermos Metal fork Metal spoon Napkin Optional: A few small, light, reusable bags and containers Coffee I don’t have to travel very often for […]

How to reliably reference external JavaScript libraries in Visualforce pages/components

To help foster an ongoing conversation among Salesforce ISV and OEM partners — aka developers of Salesforce AppExchange apps — I started this discussion on the Salesforce ISV Partners LinkedIn group, which I encourage fellow ISV’s/OEM’s to join: Let’s pool our thoughts – best practices for Salesforce ISV/OEM app development One of the best practices […]

How to Link to Reports in Managed Packages

When I hear the words “Reports” and “Managed Packages” in the same sentence, I involuntarily let out a grunt of displeasure. Ask any seasoned ISV, and I guarantee you that the same sour taste fills their mouths. Why? Well, here’s the classic problem: An ISV includes some Reports in their managed package. Now, a common […]