Jesus would have worn a mask

75% of this post will just be selections from 1 Corinthians 9-10. My commentary will be short — I’m just gonna let the word of God do its thing: Am I not as free as anyone else? Am I not an apostle? Haven’t I seen Jesus our Lord with my own eyes? Isn’t it because […]

Public displays of affection

I have a new role at Skuid! My new title: Principal Developer Advocate. Yes, the acronym is PDA. Now does the title make sense? You can thank my new manager, the leader of the “USE Skuid” team, for that one. But really – I think the title conveys it well: my new role is trying […]

Zero-waste business travel

TL;DR (for non-millenials: “Summary”): When you’re traveling for business, bring these 5 things with you, and you’ll be able to nearly eliminate your day-to-day business trip waste: Stainless-steel water bottle Coffee thermos Metal fork Metal spoon Napkin Optional: A few small, light, reusable bags and containers Coffee I don’t have to travel very often for […]

Quickly create custom Chatter Publisher Actions using Skuid

One of the most hyped, and in my opinion least documented features of the Summer 13 release of Salesforce is custom Chatter Publisher Actions. Various Salesforce bloggers have written about how easy it is to create and use regular Chatter Publisher Actions, which, basically, just let you quickly create records related to a primary record from your […]

How to reliably reference external JavaScript libraries in Visualforce pages/components

To help foster an ongoing conversation among Salesforce ISV and OEM partners — aka developers of Salesforce AppExchange apps — I started this discussion on the Salesforce ISV Partners LinkedIn group, which I encourage fellow ISV’s/OEM’s to join: Let’s pool our thoughts – best practices for Salesforce ISV/OEM app development One of the best practices […]

Reflection in Apex, brought to you by JSON

In Winter 12, Salesforce very quietly, and without any fanfare, introduced a capability to Apex that has been something of a holy grail to insane geeks like myself: the beginnings of support for Reflection in Apex. Which intrepid explorer blazed the trail that led to this prodigious capability? For those of you who keeping score, […]